The MNS3.0 switchgears are design on a modular structure using the base module E equal to 25mm able to guarantee flexibility and compact dimensions. MNS3.0 offers the best solution for marine, pulp and paper, Oil & gas, power generation plants and all the applications where safety, reliability, reduce maintenance and top performances are fundamental.

The access to the power cables, all the operation functional and the installation procedures are possible from the front of the cubicles so it’s possible install MNS3.0 against the wall optimizing the layout of the installation rooms. For the motor starters a wide range of solution are available like direct on line start, star- delta, soft starters, variable speed drivers; withdrawable execution are preferred in order to reduce as much as possible to downtime for maintenance.

In order to guarantee the maximum standards of safety the distribution busbars are encapsulated inside the Multi Functional Wall that segregates the phase creating a “fault free zone”; it also guarantee the maximum safety for the operations keeping the degree of protection IP2x when the modules have been removed.


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